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Safety Program Management Services

Negotiated a settlement of $142,400.00 OSHA fine to $10,000.00 for a Dallas, Texas manufacturing company.

A Fort Worth, Texas based manufacturing and construction company reduced lost time injuries and claims from more than 50% of their employees per year to 0 resulting in a major reduction of premiums for accident insurance.


Guided and consulted with Fort Worth, Texas based company through 18 month OSHA initiative program that included a comprehensive inspection at the end which resulted in no citations, fines, or penalties.


A Houston, Texas based oil and gas equipment manufacturing and service company of 5,500  employees in several states and foreign countries maintained a 0.4 experience modifier rate for calculating workers’ compensation insurance premiums year after year while growing from 200 employees in eight years.


Represented numerous employers and companies during and after OSHA inspections and proceedings with little or no findings of hazards or violations resulting in fines or penalties and qualifying several companies for OSHA inspection exemption status.


Assisted a staff leasing company/PEO of 2000 employees in maintaining a loss ratio of 12 percent on a 1.4 million dollar premium and experience modifier rate of 0.6 over several years with workers’ compensation insurance carrier.


An Abilene, Texas based petroleum drilling company reduced injury rates from an average of 16 lost time injuries (of 80 employees) per year to a full year without a lost time injury.


A Garland, Texas truck assembly plant of 600 employees reduced injury and severity rates significantly while improving their corporate safety and health audit score from 73 to 93 the year after contracting with Holland and Associates to win the Presidents Award for Safety Excellence in 2002.


A multi location cabinet manufacturing company in the Dallas, Texas area reduced injury and severity rates dramatically resulting in a reduction in costs of injuries from $160,178 in 2001 to $36,192 (77.5% reduction) in 2002 (contracted with Holland and Associates early 2002).


A Mesquite, Texas based printing company of 600 employees reduced the number and cost of workers’ compensation claims from 66/$402,283 in policy year ending in 2001 to 21/$124,989 (68% reduction in claims, 70% reduction in cost) in policy year ending in 2002 (contracted with Holland and Associates at the beginning of the 2002 policy year).


Two of only 25 companies recognized for exceptional safety and health program excellence in OSHA Region 6 (5 states) were clients of Holland and Associates.